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Could it be?

Has it been 5 years? I could believe it. I mean, that’s how it is. 5 years. Wow. Where have I been all this time? Not here, apparently. I just left this blog without any kind of sign-off, whoops! My bad! I really should have said something, but y’know, eh, life happens. Accept this gif(t) I made that was supposed to take a day but it took 3. It be like that sometimes and now my shoulders hurt.

Ordona is fine, except for the flowers taking over the town. As seen above, this is what it’s like waking up every morning. As in, there’s usually more flowers than not and it’s a nuisance to walk anywhere. As I’ve been playing on and off over the years I have been hard at work to make sure they don’t flood the town completely. I should switch from the beautiful town ordinance at some point…

I made some changes to the blog. Why? I dunno, it was fun or something. Or I thought it would be, but wordpress works differently now and I got absolutely lost.

That’s all, nothing else is happening anytime soon. Nope, nothing at all. What’s that? Animal Crossing: New Horizons releases tomorrow? Oh yeah, I forgot. Psyche! I knew all along! I have it pre-ordered and everything! But seriously, I’m pretty darn excited for it. While my interest in New Leaf was dulled, I look forward to the new game. I cannot not get it, you know? So I’ll be out there, on an island somewhere, enjoying a sweet coconut drink.

Will I return to this blog and post about my new island life? No. Don´t count on it.

However, I did not come here just to be all “Hi BYE“. I also wanted to mention that if you want to find me nowadays, you´ll find me on Twitter! I go by TwiliHylia and sometimes I even post things! Unlike this blog, I only upload my art there. The explanation for most of my art is that I’m part of a Discord server that have new art themes every month that I participate in. This months theme is, lo and behold, Animal Crossing! So that’s up there right now.

That’s all (I think). Auf Wiedersehen!



So it’s 2015 now. Awesome! Like, lots of stuff will be happening this year. The releases Majorask Mask 3D, Splatoon, ZELDA WII U(postponed D:), New 3DS, just to name a few things I’m looking forward to this year. 🙂

So this new year was celebrated in Ordona and my sisters town. She fiiiinally got a 3DS and ac:nl.


And then there was mah b-day (9th January)! Agent S had apparently planned a surprise party for me 😀


It was really cool, ’cause you could blow out the candles, make a birthday wish and get a present 🙂


Cheating? I would never!


In real life I got some stuff, including LoZ: A Link Between Worlds. I’ve heard great reviews of that game, and I must say, it is really good. I just finished LoZ: A Link to the Past, of which Link between worlds is based on, and it was lovely to revisit that version of Hyrule in glorious 3D with a new-ish story and remastered music. Also: a link to the past is a friggin hard game, but so worth playing. 😉


Also, do you like my new clothes? 20 points to who sees where it’s from 🙂


First time I’ve seen Katie in this game! I think it’s cute how she previously was a lost little kitty, looking for her mother, and now she is an adventurer(kinda) 🐱

And that’s really all that has happened lately in Ordona. My house got a new room and I am struggling with animals moving into the wrong spots, like right in front of the Re-tail and just where I was planning on building my café. As mayor I think you should have a say in where they put their dang houses >:T


Lastly, I wanna tell you ’bout a weird dream I had a couple nights ago.

So, me and my family was in the Philippines on vacation or whatever. Actually, it was super snowy, and it doesn’t snow over there, right? Dream stuff. I was in contact with Choco over my phone, and she just came by the house I was staying at. So when she comes up to the door, it was not the teenage Philippine girl I imagined she was, but a young, short, blonde boy, 10 years old or something. (Now that I think about it, he looked kinda like a swede)  I don’t know, it just felt suuuper weird. Then I woke up, having a hard time figuring out if it actually happened or not.

If you found out that someone you never met before looked totally different from what you imagined, how would you react? I mean, my mind totally flipped out in that dream.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, God Jul and Frohe Weinachten! 😀

It’s a little late, but whatever! I hope all of you out there had a wounderful christmas. 🙂

I planned to write this on the 24th or 25th or something like that, but then I had a dream that I did write it and when I woke up, I forgot all about it. And then today I thought “Did I post that? Yeah, I did. Or? Oh wait, I totally did not.”, so here I am now.

How did you wounderful people spend your Christmas? What did you get? I actually didn’t get a single digital game this Christmas. But we did get the card-storytelling games-whatever “Once upon a time” and “Munchkin Cthulhu” (we already have the standard one). If you don’t know anything about those games, I suggest you go check them out. Just do it, it’ll be fun. 😉

Best wishes from Sweden! ~Usagi~


So nostalgic!

Hello everyone! I’m on vacation right now, and I don’t have access to my ordinary computer or the pictures on my 3DS.

But the week before we left, there was a guy who wanted to buy my old gaming-TV. We had already moved it to the ground floor, but the person wanted to try something on a GameCube on it, so I brought it downstairs and plugged it in. I wanted to try it out before he arrived, so I went upstairs to get a game to play, and noticed an old game that I hadn’t played in forever.


Animal Crossing for the GameCube! 😀 I’ve had this game for so long, I don’t even remember when we got it.


40 bugs and 40 fishes. Wow. I’ve almost caught all of them!


Yeah, I haven’t played in a while… Just a little over 2½ years 😛


Nawww, poor Bob 😦 He’s one of my favorite neighbors 🙂


You get a statue when you’re done paying your debt to Nook, and only one of my sisters is done. I’m not even close 😛


Too bad our Game Boy cable is broken 😦


Porter and the Train. I never had any friends who owned this game, so I’ve never been out of town


I saw this balloon flying by and thought “does the slingshot exist in this game? ” until I realized that the balloon must get stuck in a tree, so actually getting the present is pretty rare.


There’s a water lily in the river pool, It’s so pretty 🙂


You have to send the fossils to the museum to have them checked. But you can write whatever you want 😛


Yay! 😀 Since you can’t store money in the post office, the only way to do so  is to have it in your house. I didn’t have more than the 10.000 bells I had in my pocket, and my loan was about 110.000 bells. I played for a couple of hours just to pay it off 🙂

Come to think about it, old games are actually really good 🙂 What games do you guys get really nostalgic about?

You can catch snowflakes in this game, they’re so pretty 🙂

And the different animals have different footprints. Is that new or has it always been like that? (asks me who own all ac-games 😛 )

I’m done with the fossil gallery! But Blathers didn’t say much about it. Blathers doesn’t say as much as he used to. I miss that.

The store upgraded! Now you can even buy K.K. music 🙂 Fun fact! I heard that there are so many songs in this game, that it would take about two years to collect all of them if you went to every single gig at Saturdays.

The garden shop upgraded as well! Now you can ask Leif to get rid of all weed in your town 🙂

During the beginning of April, it was Cherry Blossom Festival and all “non-fruit and non-evergreen trees” had pink leaves. Too bad there’s no festival in New Leaf :/

And April fool’s was a lot of fun. You meet Blanca at the plaza, who tells you to join a little game where she will take the appearance of one of your neighbors and you have to figure out who’s who.
She then vanishes, and you have to visit your neighbors in search for Blanca. Both the villager and Blanca makes different statements to why they’re not the imposter.
If you guess right, you’ll get the villager’s pic and Blanca will continue to the next animal. If you guess wrong you won’t get a pic, but Blanca will continue. It ends when she has imitated all villagers.

My beauuutiful second floor 😉

Finally I can upgrade the Museum! It took me FOREVER to get my paws on a piece of art!

I visited Choco‘s new town, Delltune! And she visited my town too.


Later I went to Delltune again, Amy and Liam came too 😛

Liam taught us how to glitch on to the train tracks 😮

Axe party! Liam, where aaaare yoouuuu!?

Since Choco started her new town recently and it was midnight there, there wasn’t much to do. But I really enjoyed the wi-fi anyway 😀


Happy new year!

Yeah, planned to post this earlier, but better late than never, right? 😉

1 Minute left…

And BAM! The world ended. Not really, but Happy new year!

Friendship is Magic! 😀


Kopia av HNI_0059
I’m forever alone 😕

This really makes me think of Zelda:Skyward Sword, even if it is mostly a refrence to Twilight Princess. For those of you who don’t play Zelda or at least not TP, my town is named after Ordon village. And my name, Hylia, comes from Skyward sword, where the goddess name is Hylia. Zelda nerd 🙄

Speak of the goddess 🙂

Here’s a picture from today, the number of the day is 37!

I hope you had a good start on this year! 😀

Catching up!

Here’s my last post for the year so I’ll post some old pictures.


I noticed that Belltune’s gates was open, so I thought I’d visit Pii.

Turns out that Choco wasn’t playing when I was there…

So I pushed her aaaaaaall the way to the plaza. It took some time, but it was worth it. 😈

I’m Hatsune Miku!

Went to her café

Splatt! D:

Oh, who would ever do such a thing? oops 🙄

Refrence to Super Paper Mario! 🙂

And a refrence to Super Mario Sunshine 😀



I had some friends over, Pii and Rain

And a beautiful night shot
Also, it’s summer here

And now it’s fall.

And now winter. Seasons changes quickly here in Ordona.

Me posing as Princess Celestia! Brohoof everypony (\

Apparently you play bingo with the snowmen.

I have no idea, how about you ask yourself instead :/

Midnight gaming.

Hey, that was my idea!
No, I actually went to sleep later.

Yay! Bingo! I got some wallpaper, but don’t remember what it’s called

Today’s numbers

That’s all for today, see you tomorrow! Or something.

Wow… I’ts been really long since my last post, but I’m back!
I haven’t been able to post anything cause I’ve been busy of school and other things in my life. It felt good with a “little” break from my blog, but now I’m back and I will post now and then. 😉

What have you guys been doing? Got anything special for Christmas? 🙂

Back from my vacation :)

I’ve been on a vacation for almost 2 weeks and came home last Sunday. I didn’t have internet when I was there, so I couldn’t post anything.
But now I’m back and here are the latest news from Ordona!

Old pictures o.o

And the newer ones

Octavian moved in. TWO SPACES AWAY FROM MY HOUSE!!

How about a party this Sunday? Anyone who wanna host it? If not, i’ll be the host of the party 🙂

Oh yeah, I have a upper floor in my house now!

Yeah, who doesn’t? 😉

NOT THE SANDWICH!! Anything but the sandwich!

Bobbery from Rogueport? He’s a character from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door! That game is awsome!

Where could the closest orange tree be? :/

And Kicks is finally opening his store here in Ordona 😀


I was just playing around in my town and noticed that Chocos gates were open, so I went to Belltune 🙂

Estel (Amy) and Rain were there when I came

I went to the Main Street and to get my hair done at the shampoodle. I’m pleased with my new hairstyle 😀

Then we went to the island to go on some tours


One wifi crash later…

When we got back, we went to club LOL to dance and have fun 😛


We took the boat to the island (again) to buy me a wet suit.

Cliff jumping!

Then me and Choco were invited to Amys town Citàlune

Wait a minute… Aren’t you MY secretary?

Thanks for having me over, Amy! 🙂

Cliff jumping in front of my house 🙂

Built a new bridge

Shapes on stumps 😉

Club LOL coming to Ordona! I hope it opens soon 🙂

Dream Suite opened! “Temporarily closed forever” xD



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