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Back from my vacation :)

I’ve been on a vacation for almost 2 weeks and came home last Sunday. I didn’t have internet when I was there, so I couldn’t post anything.
But now I’m back and here are the latest news from Ordona!

Old pictures o.o

And the newer ones

Octavian moved in. TWO SPACES AWAY FROM MY HOUSE!!

How about a party this Sunday? Anyone who wanna host it? If not, i’ll be the host of the party 🙂

Oh yeah, I have a upper floor in my house now!

Yeah, who doesn’t? 😉

NOT THE SANDWICH!! Anything but the sandwich!

Bobbery from Rogueport? He’s a character from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door! That game is awsome!

Where could the closest orange tree be? :/

And Kicks is finally opening his store here in Ordona 😀


Comments on: "Back from my vacation :)" (2)

  1. Thanks for sharing your photos! I loved when I got the store upgraded! It’s cool how you can actually see some of the items for sale through the glass! 😀

    I thought it was funny that they commented at Re-Tail on you being away on vacation for a while. 😛 I love the way they talk in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, they really use the internal 3DS clock well. And the writing is really hilarious. 😀

  2. You are so funny 😀

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