An Animal Crossing journal that I don't write in anymore

Could it be?

Has it been 5 years? I could believe it. I mean, that’s how it is. 5 years. Wow. Where have I been all this time? Not here, apparently. I just left this blog without any kind of sign-off, whoops! My bad! I really should have said something, but y’know, eh, life happens. Accept this gif(t) I made that was supposed to take a day but it took 3. It be like that sometimes and now my shoulders hurt.

Ordona is fine, except for the flowers taking over the town. As seen above, this is what it’s like waking up every morning. As in, there’s usually more flowers than not and it’s a nuisance to walk anywhere. As I’ve been playing on and off over the years I have been hard at work to make sure they don’t flood the town completely. I should switch from the beautiful town ordinance at some point…

I made some changes to the blog. Why? I dunno, it was fun or something. Or I thought it would be, but wordpress works differently now and I got absolutely lost.

That’s all, nothing else is happening anytime soon. Nope, nothing at all. What’s that? Animal Crossing: New Horizons releases tomorrow? Oh yeah, I forgot. Psyche! I knew all along! I have it pre-ordered and everything! But seriously, I’m pretty darn excited for it. While my interest in New Leaf was dulled, I look forward to the new game. I cannot not get it, you know? So I’ll be out there, on an island somewhere, enjoying a sweet coconut drink.

Will I return to this blog and post about my new island life? No. Don´t count on it.

However, I did not come here just to be all “Hi BYE“. I also wanted to mention that if you want to find me nowadays, you´ll find me on Twitter! I go by TwiliHylia and sometimes I even post things! Unlike this blog, I only upload my art there. The explanation for most of my art is that I’m part of a Discord server that have new art themes every month that I participate in. This months theme is, lo and behold, Animal Crossing! So that’s up there right now.

That’s all (I think). Auf Wiedersehen!

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