An Animal Crossing journal that I don't write in anymore

So nostalgic!

Hello everyone! I’m on vacation right now, and I don’t have access to my ordinary computer or the pictures on my 3DS.

But the week before we left, there was a guy who wanted to buy my old gaming-TV. We had already moved it to the ground floor, but the person wanted to try something on a GameCube on it, so I brought it downstairs and plugged it in. I wanted to try it out before he arrived, so I went upstairs to get a game to play, and noticed an old game that I hadn’t played in forever.


Animal Crossing for the GameCube! 😀 I’ve had this game for so long, I don’t even remember when we got it.


40 bugs and 40 fishes. Wow. I’ve almost caught all of them!


Yeah, I haven’t played in a while… Just a little over 2½ years 😛


Nawww, poor Bob 😦 He’s one of my favorite neighbors 🙂


You get a statue when you’re done paying your debt to Nook, and only one of my sisters is done. I’m not even close 😛


Too bad our Game Boy cable is broken 😦


Porter and the Train. I never had any friends who owned this game, so I’ve never been out of town


I saw this balloon flying by and thought “does the slingshot exist in this game? ” until I realized that the balloon must get stuck in a tree, so actually getting the present is pretty rare.


There’s a water lily in the river pool, It’s so pretty 🙂


You have to send the fossils to the museum to have them checked. But you can write whatever you want 😛


Yay! 😀 Since you can’t store money in the post office, the only way to do so  is to have it in your house. I didn’t have more than the 10.000 bells I had in my pocket, and my loan was about 110.000 bells. I played for a couple of hours just to pay it off 🙂

Come to think about it, old games are actually really good 🙂 What games do you guys get really nostalgic about?

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