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So it’s 2015 now. Awesome! Like, lots of stuff will be happening this year. The releases Majorask Mask 3D, Splatoon, ZELDA WII U(postponed D:), New 3DS, just to name a few things I’m looking forward to this year. 🙂

So this new year was celebrated in Ordona and my sisters town. She fiiiinally got a 3DS and ac:nl.


And then there was mah b-day (9th January)! Agent S had apparently planned a surprise party for me 😀


It was really cool, ’cause you could blow out the candles, make a birthday wish and get a present 🙂


Cheating? I would never!


In real life I got some stuff, including LoZ: A Link Between Worlds. I’ve heard great reviews of that game, and I must say, it is really good. I just finished LoZ: A Link to the Past, of which Link between worlds is based on, and it was lovely to revisit that version of Hyrule in glorious 3D with a new-ish story and remastered music. Also: a link to the past is a friggin hard game, but so worth playing. 😉


Also, do you like my new clothes? 20 points to who sees where it’s from 🙂


First time I’ve seen Katie in this game! I think it’s cute how she previously was a lost little kitty, looking for her mother, and now she is an adventurer(kinda) 🐱

And that’s really all that has happened lately in Ordona. My house got a new room and I am struggling with animals moving into the wrong spots, like right in front of the Re-tail and just where I was planning on building my café. As mayor I think you should have a say in where they put their dang houses >:T


Lastly, I wanna tell you ’bout a weird dream I had a couple nights ago.

So, me and my family was in the Philippines on vacation or whatever. Actually, it was super snowy, and it doesn’t snow over there, right? Dream stuff. I was in contact with Choco over my phone, and she just came by the house I was staying at. So when she comes up to the door, it was not the teenage Philippine girl I imagined she was, but a young, short, blonde boy, 10 years old or something. (Now that I think about it, he looked kinda like a swede)  I don’t know, it just felt suuuper weird. Then I woke up, having a hard time figuring out if it actually happened or not.

If you found out that someone you never met before looked totally different from what you imagined, how would you react? I mean, my mind totally flipped out in that dream.


Comments on: "2015!" (3)

  1. Wow.. I actually thought that Choco was a 10 year old boy for the moment until you said it was a dream.. 😛
    Loads of my favourite authors and artists look nothing like I thought they would. Like I thought Michael Mourpurgo. I thought he would look like a circus strongman or something 😛

  2. I’m so late to comment on this. HAPPY (LATE) 2015!!! and oh my gosh, that dream. xD I am kind of short irl, haha! I remember it said somewhere that people you meet in your dreams are people you met some time in your life, explains why the person was blonde (considering you are from Sweden, riiiiightt??? or is my memory all jumbled up again?)

    Or maybe I /am/ a short, blonde 10 year old boy irl?! *DUN DUN DUN* We will never know. 😀

    • Yeah, I’m from Sweden, but I can’t really recall meeting someone like him :/

      And will we never meet? Only time will tell 😉

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