An Animal Crossing journal that I don't write in anymore

You can catch snowflakes in this game, they’re so pretty 🙂

And the different animals have different footprints. Is that new or has it always been like that? (asks me who own all ac-games 😛 )

I’m done with the fossil gallery! But Blathers didn’t say much about it. Blathers doesn’t say as much as he used to. I miss that.

The store upgraded! Now you can even buy K.K. music 🙂 Fun fact! I heard that there are so many songs in this game, that it would take about two years to collect all of them if you went to every single gig at Saturdays.

The garden shop upgraded as well! Now you can ask Leif to get rid of all weed in your town 🙂

During the beginning of April, it was Cherry Blossom Festival and all “non-fruit and non-evergreen trees” had pink leaves. Too bad there’s no festival in New Leaf :/

And April fool’s was a lot of fun. You meet Blanca at the plaza, who tells you to join a little game where she will take the appearance of one of your neighbors and you have to figure out who’s who.
She then vanishes, and you have to visit your neighbors in search for Blanca. Both the villager and Blanca makes different statements to why they’re not the imposter.
If you guess right, you’ll get the villager’s pic and Blanca will continue to the next animal. If you guess wrong you won’t get a pic, but Blanca will continue. It ends when she has imitated all villagers.

My beauuutiful second floor 😉

Finally I can upgrade the Museum! It took me FOREVER to get my paws on a piece of art!

I visited Choco‘s new town, Delltune! And she visited my town too.


Later I went to Delltune again, Amy and Liam came too 😛

Liam taught us how to glitch on to the train tracks 😮

Axe party! Liam, where aaaare yoouuuu!?

Since Choco started her new town recently and it was midnight there, there wasn’t much to do. But I really enjoyed the wi-fi anyway 😀


Comments on: "Ketchup-stuff :P And Wi-fi party :)" (2)

  1. I’m not sure about City Folk, but I know in Wild World, no one left footprints at all, and that feature hadn’t been introduced yet xP The different footprints for different species, like birds and such, are a nice detail.
    Congratulations on completing your fossil exhibit, and on the second floor!! 🙂 Ahh I’m sorry it took you so long to get a piece of art, I should’ve just given you one sometime!
    It was great fun to wifi with you and Choco and Liam again! ^_^

  2. To be honest, I have no idea. I didn’t even notice that animals have different foot prints!
    Aww.. I loved April fools. I only got one villager wrong and that was because the internet was incorrect!

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