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First days in Ordona

Warning: I will probably spam these posts with pictures

Day 1


Hylia is my new character in New Leaf! 😀


My tent, which is between a cliff and the waterfall.


Fish  smoke coming out from Dianas chimney 😮


My first fish in New Leaf. A Black bass, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fish like that before 😉


HNI_0008 HNI_0010 HNI_0011

Paid off the first loan on the first day 😛

Day 2



I would love to water the flowers. If I had a watering can!




HNI_0067  HNI_0068HNI_0069

Second loan on the second day xP


My tree has grown a little since yesterday 🙂


Bug-off was also that day, and I won with a Raja Brooke Butterfly.

HNI_0055 HNI_0056 HNI_0065  HNI_0059 HNI_0058


“Why am I holding it?! I better put it in my pocket instead” 😛
I use to say “Four sharks with one rod”. Since when, you ask? Since yesterday 😉

I was just walking around in NL, when my 3DS tingled and said “friend online”. I checked who was online, which was Amy. I resumed the game and opened the gates. A minute later, Amy was in Ordona. Her character is named Estel, from Citálune. Check out her blog here!

HNI_0050 HNI_0047 HNI_0046 HNI_0045 HNI_0051

It was my first wifi in NL, but we didn’t do very much since I had to go and eat.

HNI_0060 HNI_0061

You met her the other day? No, it was like, 10 minutes ago 😕

I really like the game so far (so unexpected), and I feel it will get better 😀

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  1. That picture of your tent at sunset is so pretty! And wow, I’ve never seen fish-shaped smoke before! One of my neighbors has star-shaped smoke.
    It was nice to briefly visit your town the other day, I was in love with your house’s location, and with your neighbor Diana 🙂

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