An Animal Crossing journal that I don't write in anymore


I got a new DCL, the Gracie dresser! 😀 (Sorry for not being active for a while! wink )

Also, it was flea market and I accidentally sold one of my Birdwings for 6000 bells to Buck. 😯 I thougt he would say it was to expensive, but he didn’t! Then I needed to sell my other Birdwing. I got 8000 bells for it! 😮 I also sold a Gold econo chair to him.

U mad, bro? 😯

Played hide-and-seek with Agent S, Mott and Champ. They gave me a stone wall when I won over them.

What? You just gave it to me! -.-‘ Sigh…

A fountain! 😛  (donate 400,000 bells to town fund)

Yay!! 😀 My last loan to Nook! Now I’m free!!


Yay, a flag! 😛

The next day:

My own flag! But… isn’t there something missing?

The flag is floating! 😯 NOOO! MY PRECIOUS FLAG!

That is what it should look like! You can only see the flag pole if you are on the “boxes” in front of the house.

If you go closer, it disappears.

Comments on: "Gracie dresser! :D (and spoiler!)" (4)

  1. Ooh cool, so the Gracie dresser is like a vanity? You have a lot of town models! The next DLC is going to be a part of the Creepy series 😀

    A fountain, yay! That’s one of the things I look forward to most in my AC:CF town. (I haven’t been able to play lately, though, been busy with school. :() Good job on paying off your debt, too! The flag is such a cool award for paying off your debt, there should be an award in AC:WW — no incentive at all. 😛 In AC:GC it was a statue.

  2. Oh man, my mailbox is full.. xDD i can’t receive the letter from nintendo. 😆
    The gracie dresser looks so cool! 😀

    Whoa.. that’s creepy.. Well, at least the flag doesn’t disappear? xD

    • Don’t worry about your mailbox, Peter will deliver it to you in person. Just make sure you got space for the letter in your pocket.
      Btw, have you recieved my letter yet? 😀

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