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Bunny day!

Yay! Pictures from the bunny day. 😀

I found a bunny egg! Wait a minute… Bunnies lay eggs? 😯

Okay, that was NOT an egg! 😆

Not an egg, but it’s worth money.

And on the other side of the stone…

Another fossil! :b Well, more money to me. 😮

Hello Zipper! 🙂

Eggs and legs… 😆

I got candy when I opened the eggs. Is that what he wants?

Candy are special to me!

Ah, that’s what he wants!

When you give him the bunny foil, he gives you something that belongs to the egg theme.

I left some candy on the ground for a while, so when I came back, it was ants on it. I hadn’t caught any before, so lucky me. 😀 

And a while ago I got this letter from Nintendo! Heh, “spEGGtacular”. 😎

Comments on: "Bunny day!" (8)

  1. The egg series is really cute, and for me a good, easy way to complete a theme so early in the game. Ooh, you’re lucky you got the egg tv from a past DLC! 😀 I saw this carpet in an AC:CF picture once; it was like the daisy meadow carpet in AC:WW with green grass and flowers, but the flowers were a lot more colorful. I don’t remember what it’s called but I think the egg series would also look nice with that carpet 🙂

  2. Also, if you see this in time, maybe you can come to Kammile’s party (her gates are open as I type this, she and I are the only ones there atm).

    • I’m sorry I couldn’t come. 😦 I was away to my grandparents to celebrate my sister and my grandpa. A birthday party.

      • Oh that’s okay, it was a small chance that you’d happen to be online when I left the comment. xP I hope you had fun at the birthday party!

  3. Btw, I think you must turn on the Wiiconnect24 to get the Nintendo letters. 😮

  4. Kammile said:

    hehe, i get why he’s called Zipper T. Bunny…

    He has A ZIPPER on his back! :mrgreen:

    btw, what’s your ACC account again? xP

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