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This post came very late, sorry :b . It’s about Jemmas SPRING PARTY!

While we waited for Amy we went around in town. Then we started playing hide and seek in the museum. 🙂

Yay! Amy finnaly came! 😀

Jemmas lovley flower path. 😀


We went to the costume corner, Amy picked the little red riding hood. 😀 Jemma and I had alredy been there when I picked the angel costume. 🙂

We played 3 different games. The 1st one was a race, which Amy won.

The next game was also a race, where you avoid holes as racing down to the finish. The 2nd time Jemma buried pitfalls in the holes. I won the 1st time 🙂 , but Amy won the 2nd time.

After that game, we went to the next game that was next to us. Then I tried to kill Amy! 😈 I started to hit her with my axe, but then it broke! 😯

I wanted revenge for it, so I started a net fight. 😀

The 3rd game! 🙂 It was complicated, but fun.

Amy and Jemma tried to hide behind Jemmas house, but I found them! 😀 (After I went inside Jemmas house and Amy said “were nearby”). 😛

Jemma had a spring café on her top floor! It was good coffe there! 🙂

You can only be 2 inside a house at the time, so Amy went in after me.


Comments on: "Late spring party post (part 1)" (4)

  1. Woah, you got a lot of really good pictures! It was a lot of fun, I’m glad we got to WiFi with each other again… wasn’t it the third time? It was funny how both you and Jemma’s axes broke from hitting me 😛

  2. […] morning Jemma hosted a spring party in her town usa! (See her post here and Usagi’s posts here and here.) My wintry attire wouldn’t do for the party, I thought, so I changed to something […]

  3. […] Jemma hosted a spring party in her town usa! (See her posts here and here, and Usagi’s posts here and […]

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