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Today is 10th of January. The day after my birthday. I just want to say…


YAHOO!! 😀 😀 😀

This is a pic of my Mii, Usagi.

This is pictures of Usagi and her friends, Ilia in white(zelda twilight princess), Dinja in blue and Draca in purple. O_o Vampire!

My kittens are curious about the newcomers. 😀

AAH! 😀 There are Pikmins growing in my sisters hand! AAH! 😀


I drew Link´s face in “grafitti”. Pretty good, right? 😀

Also: I forgot to play animal crossing on my birthday! XP

I went back in time one day, and pretended that it was my birthday. 😈 Muahaha!

In acww, EVERYBODY HAD FORGOTTEN MY BIRTHDAY! EVEN MY MOM! Luckily, Bella remembered my birthday, and she brougth me some cake. Thanks Bella! 😀

In accf, I got 5000 bells from my mom and some birthday cake from Nan. And I got some letters from Del, Sally, Mallary and Champ. Yay! 😀

Comments on: "HAPPINES!" (3)

  1. Woah, awesome! That’s great you got a 3DS! :mrgreen: Cool pictures, I have no idea how you did the Mii ones. And those are adorable kittens! 🙂

    • The Mii pictures is simple to do. First, open the card game. AR games, or something. You use the yellow ? card. When you finished the shooting game, you now, shoot targets and beat the dragon, you can choose other things like star pics. In the upper right corner, you can choose Mii pics. You just use your ? card. Look at the touch screen and press the button that says: Mii – +. Then the Mii you chosen will pop up on the card. Change pose by pressing A or B. You change facial expressions with Y, and change the size with X. Good luck!

  2. Eek!! I hope i get a 3ds soon! It’s too cool to be true! xD

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