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Harvest festival! :D

When I started the game, I didn´t now what day it was.

But suddenly, Franklin pops up behind my house.

Then I understood. It was Harvest festival!

I went up to town hall, to get fork and knife. When you give them to Franklin, he will give you harvest furniture.

And he screams you in the face. Yeouch! My ears!

When I came to town hall, Tortimer said this:

That´s not nice.

He also said THIS:

Franklin knows that they want to eat him, so he will hide anywhere to survive.

Why does he always come here when it is harvest festival, if he know that they want to eat him? 😕

Everybody is looking for Franklin…

Uhh… Hi Sally! eek I´m not hiding anything! Franklin is not behind the tree! Why do you ask? Heh heh heh…

Hmm… Now i´m getting really hungry… I wonder what turkey tastes like? 😈

Didn´t get the whole theme here either…

Mirror x2, chair x3, Tv x5, bureau x3, clock x3, table x5, wallpaper  x3, floor x2.

This is very frustrating. Anyone have a extra harvest sofa? 😀

Comments on: "Harvest festival! :D" (2)

  1. haha, great post! I went through the same thing the other day in AC:GC. 😀 Poor Franklin…

  2. Haha, I love the Harvest Festival and the Harvest Furniture Series! 😀
    Purple and Pink! xD

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